Rules and Regulations

As with any form of gambling, Dolphins Bingo enforces certain rules and regulations in order for patrons to play.

We also run a range of promotions and jackpots throughout the week/month with specific terms and conditions on each. Be sure to check with Bingo staff prior to a session regarding the most up to date conditions.

Dolphins Bingo also reserves the right to alter or remove promotions / jackpots / conditions at any time, without notice. Speak to Bingo staff for up-to-date information on these items prior to the start of session.

Rules & Regulations of Dolphins Bingo

  1. The dress regulations of the Redcliffe Leagues Club, as outlined in section 20 of the Redcliffe Leagues Club bi-laws, applies to Dolphins Bingo.
  2. Any person intending on patronising the Redcliffe Leagues Club proper, that is any area of the Club excluding the Bingo facility, must meet all requirements of entry.
  3. Any player wishing to play Personal Electronic Ticketing Systems (PETs) must be a current financial member of Redcliffe Leagues Club.
  4. Children are permitted to participate in bingo sessions if supervised by a parent or legal guardian. They are not permitted to handle any money in relation to any session.
  5. No subscription list (petition) is to be canvassed, conducted or exhibited in the Club without the permission of the Secretary/Manager.
  6. Employees of Redcliffe Leagues Club, who work in Dolphins Bingo, regardless of frequency, are not permitted to participate in any bingo session whilst off duty.
  7. No food or beverage is permitted to be brought in to the Redcliffe Leagues Club, or Dolphins Bingo.
  8. Dolphins Bingo adheres to the Clubs Queensland Code of Practice for responsible gaming and will ensure all efforts are made to help problem gamblers.
  9. Winnings can be paid in cash up to $10,000, and by cheque thereafter.
  10. The Redcliffe Leagues Club Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend any person and prohibit entry to the Redcliffe Leagues Club.
  11. All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered in to.






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